Resources for Software Engineering Education

This GitHub organization is a collection of FOSS resources for Software Engineering educators and students. In particular, it aims to provide sample code bases that are bigger in size and non-trivial in complexity.

Sub Projects

These are some of the sub projects (come with code, learning outcomes, exercises, etc.)

Project: AddressBook

A series of Java projects with increasing size and complexity, to be used as examples (or starter projects) in SE courses.

Book: Software Engineering for Self-Directed Learners

A book covering SE basics, available at The repo is here

Supplementary Learning Resources

A collection of learning resources for SE students, available here

Project: Collate

A tool for extracting code written by each team member of a team project. {link to repo}

Sister Projects

Here are some other highly-related FOSS projects that are not part of SE-EDU but are run side-by-side by the same folks.

Project Team

Our project team and the list of contributors are here.


We welcome code/content contributions and suggestions from students, instructors, and developers.


To get in touch with us, post an issue here or email us at seer [at]